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A beautiful friend is getting married this month. Over the weekend we had the opportunity to celebrate her in the best city. So much laughter and wine!

We coined the hashtag #theaustinbatch

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What we did:

Food: Hopfields & Kerby Lane


Wife C

Home Room

Los Vallejos | Home Finds Spring Edition

I love redecorating. I do it probably more than I should! I just love the feeling of satisfaction you get from seeing it all come together, piece by piece.

I have a lot of love for each of the stores and sites I pulled from for this post.

Los Vallejos | Home Finds Spring Edition

1. My beloved Urban Outfitters. Your one stop shop for almost everything you need. These woven banners are too cool. I have a vintage woven banner from my grandma and I am sure she would get along very well with these beauties. (The banners…and my grandma!)

2. Target did not disappoint this season. There is a lot of white and woven going on there. This bench would be perfect at your desk or nested under your side table to use at a footrest when you’re lounging. Don’t you love it?

3. If you’re brave enough to make the trek to Ikea, then this lamp should be on your list. It’s difficult to see in my photo, but it has copper detailing on the top and bottom, with exposed wire covers in a dark grey. Even better? It’s name is actually pronounceable! It’s called the “Ranarap.”

4. We love a good cactus. But we really love a good cactus in a sweet skull planter. Etsy, get down with your bad self!

5. Another Etsy treasure is this raw, hammered copper business card holder. Think about how amazing your business cards would look in your home office?


The thing I love most about these items is their versatility and ability to transcend the seasons. Add pops of color with fresh flowers and you’re ready to go for spring and summer!


Wife C

Image via Style Me Pretty

Where the Deals At?

Los Vallejos | Good DealsThere are tons of good deals out there just waiting to be taken advantage of…and I want to share them with you! If you scroll to the top of the page you’ll see a new tab called “DEALS.” This tab will have deals lasting longer than one month. At this time, we won’t be updating the Deals page with short-term events or sales, but maybe one day!

Your your convenience I’ve put a link here. Maybe you’ll find a deal to use this weekend! Happy Friday!

Steals and Deals


Wife C

Hair Talk

It always seems like there is a vicious cycle when it comes to my hair. I’ll cut my bangs, then miss my long style and then say, “Don’t ever let me cut my bangs again.” Then, I get bored with the long hair and chop-chop! It really is a problem.

But every time I see Alexa Chung’s perfectly whispy-do, I get that urge again.

Los Vallejos | Alexa and Olivia

I subdue these urges by swiftly typing, “Olivia Palermo” in the Pinterest search bar, to remind me that I really do love my long style.

What style do you prefer?


Wife C

Images via Pinterest

Travel Season

We love to travel, and, thankfully, we’re fortunate enough to have many opportunities to do so. It is such a joy to share our travels with the world here at LV. This year we’re planning a few excursions!

Los Vallejos | Summer Vacation

We’ll take many trips to Austin, our muse, during the summer. It’s a fun and easy get away. It’s always a good idea to try and find a way to stay with friends. It’s inexpensive, and you get quality time with people you don’t see very often.

We’re running away to the islands in May with Claudio’s family. It will be my only week off of school for the entire year…so where better to spend it than soaking up the sun and sipping out of a pineapple?

Finally, we’re making our way up to Chi-town with some friends later in the summer. We have wanted to visit the Windy City for a while now and we’re thrilled to be traveling with such great friends!

In June we’ll celebrate our first year of marriage. We haven’t decided where we’re going, but you can be sure we’ll be jumping on a plane to somewhere! Any suggestions?


Wife C

Images via Bldg. 25

Want List – 001

Los Vallejos | Spring Wantlist

Like I said last week, Spring doesn’t last very long in Texas. But while it is here, us natives realllllly enjoy it! We also enjoy a partaking in a little spring cleaning and making room for new items. I was so pleased while doing this project to find that there are some really good deals out there this year! Being on a budget can be difficult, but none of these pieces will elicit buyers remorse…guaranteed!

1. These flouncy tops from H&M are so fab. H&M always has great basics. These are so inexpensive…I want them both!

2. This denim Jacket from J.Crew is just heaven. However, it’s a splurge if you’re on a budget. So this denim jacket from J.Crew Factory is less than half the price with all the quality. Blamo!

3. These black skinnies are THE item to have. In fact, I wish I could pass a law to say that every woman should own a pair. I can wish can’t I?

4. This Essie Color is called Borrowed and Blue. It looks light, but it goes on the prettiest shade of blue you’ve ever seen. I’m currently wearing it…check out my Instagram later, I’ll post a picture!

5. Okay. these sunnies are so amazing. AND they come in THREE colors! Get out. Can you see yourself wearing these at your next music festival? Because I can, and you look perfect.

6. This cuff. You. Me. Right now. Let’s go. If you live in Dallas and you haven’t been to Milk and Honey then you’re not doing it right. This boutique gives me reason to live.

7. I dream about these studs. Like, I’m not kidding. I had a dream I went to a Kendra Scott store and bought these earrings. It doesn’t help that I am completely obsessed with everything in the Atlantic Collection. I honestly look at it multiple times a day to make sure it’s still there. I have a problem…a very beautiful problem.


I hope this list encourages you to do a little spring cleaning. Out with the old and in with the new, I say! Even try taking your old clothes to a Buffalo Exchange or Plato’s Closet to get some cash to spend on new beauties! These pieces will update your wardrobe in a snap and can be worn with just about anything.


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